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It was 1992. A wintry June evening in Shepparton, when a young enthusiastic agricultural consultant, David Earle, was welcomed into the Rotary Club of Shepparton South. From that day forward, David and his colleagues have worked tirelessly on many community projects in the ‘food bowl’ area, far too many to mention.

This work proved to be great training for David because the tempo increased enormously when he met Eva and Danny in 2018. He then helped them introduce their intergenerational programme, I Wish I'd Asked, into the Shepparton Community.

And now the introductions are done, David continues to be a very active member of a team who work to enhance the lives of others. David and his fellow Rotarians play a significant role in assisting with the I Wish I'd Asked activities which are presented in schools, aged care facilities, the RSL and anywhere in between.

‘I loved the I Wish I'd Asked concept from the moment I heard about it from Eva and Danny. It’s great that we are all growing together and receiving enormous satisfaction in seeing the pleasure I Wish I'd Asked brings to the Silver Warriors, the Apprentices and the community in general’ … David Earle


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