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Music the Universal Language

Music is the universal language – international and intergenerational – and with the Silver Warriors and the Apprentices singing along together, there are no borders. I Wish I'd Asked is expanding the experience to include Apprentices presenting concerts to the Silver Warriors, with solo instrumental and singing performances. Plans are also underway to create an intergenerational choir.

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Our Karaoke sessions are designed to build intergenerational connections through singing and music. The options for Karaoke sessions are endless and they can be set up in any location. A really fun and uplifting event for all involved.

See Karaoke in Action

Our Apprentices recently visited our Silver Warriors at a local aged care facility for an afternoon of singing and a whole heap of fun. Intergenerational connections were created through music, dance and great conversation!

Everybody responds to the music, whilst the uninhibited introduce their unique form of eccentric dancing, for the entertainment of everyone. Music is known to be very therapeutic in aged care facilities.

Intergenerational Karaoke Programme

How to Get Involved

To find out more about our Intergenerational Karaoke Programme, to become a sponsor or to volunteer your services call us on 0403 391 538 or send us an email to We have activities that offer intergenerational programmes for schools and intergenerational programmes for aged care in communities throughout Victoria.