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Ask Me and I’ll Tell You

Our inspiration song composed especially for the I Wish I'd Asked pilot programme in Shepparton, this song is a duet where the younger singer asks the senior person about their life. Written by Paul O’Gorman, Garry Hammond & Kieran Tobin and produced by Ada Scott.

Co-founder Danny Finley, along ‘with a little help from his friends’ from the music industry, created a song for I Wish I'd Asked exploring the theme of intergenerational conversation – Ask Me and I’ll Tell You.

His lifelong friend, Colleen Hewett and Kieran Tobin together as The Couzens, evoke a mood and pathos which is inspiring. Used as the theme song for our programme and our dance activity, it continues to delight and to move, wherever it’s heard.

We sincerely thank Colleen Hewett, Kieran Tobin, Paul O’Gorman, Garry “Happy” Hammond and Adrian “Ada” Scott, for their generosity.

Our Inspiration

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