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I Wish I'd Asked was founded by Eva Gruen and Danny Finley in November 2017 in response to the growing issue of loneliness facing our communities. In association with David Earle of Rotary, the pilot programme is being conducted in Shepparton with the participation of schools, aged care facilities, industry and community groups.

Our Purpose I Wish I'd Asked stimulates intergenerational connections with the aim of easing loneliness and depression through conversation, skill sharing activities and the exchange of life experiences.

The young will practise the lost art of conversation as they engage with seniors on topics of mutual interest. The stories from our ‘Silver Warriors’ will serve to inform our young, of the rich history which abounds in our communities.

Ongoing conversations will be recorded and made available online for all to see and enjoy as extraordinary stories of ordinary Australians, become part of an oral history.

I Wish I'd Asked will continue year-round and the Shepparton pilot programme will become an example for other communities to follow and implement.Our Purpose

Up to 40% of residents in aged care facilities in this country do not receive any visitors for the whole 365 days of the year
Research identifies a strong link between loneliness and mental & physical ill health
Social isolation can be as dangerous to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day
Social Media and the digital world is blamed for isolation in young people
Within the age group 16 – 24, there are 10% saying they are ‘always or often’ lonely

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Our Purpose

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