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Fostering Intergenerational Connections

It was morning tea time and a three year old sat with his Dad in the garden and heard for the first time, how best to plant the radish, take out the weeds and water the new plants. That three year old is now a Silver Warrior and he still retains the joy of digging in the garden, now with his own Apprentices, discussing the various plants and loving the chance to learn about the younger generation.

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I Wish I'd Asked gardening activities take place in a variety of locations, with the main focus centred around fostering intergenerational connections, while sharing knowledge and having conversations about all things gardening.

See Us in Action

Recently our Apprentices visited the Men’s Shed, to participate in a gardening activity with our Silver Warriors. Not only did they all have a great time in the garden, but they connected over some indoor activities and intergenerational conversations.

Apprentices enjoy the process of preparing the ground, selecting and planting, and on occasion, selling the produce at fetes to raise funds for local aged care facilities. All the time, chatting away and seeing how rewarding these intergenerational connections can be, for both Silver Warriors and Apprentices.

How to Get Involved

To find out more about our Intergenerational Gardening Programme, to become a sponsor or to volunteer your services call us on 0403 391 538 or send us an email to We have activities that offer intergenerational programmes for schools and intergenerational programmes for aged care in communities throughout Victoria.