Conversations Connect Communities

Intergenerational Conversations

Conversations ‘Connect Communities’

We have found intergenerational conversations to be one of our favourite activities because it demonstrates the basic core of the I Wish I'd Asked concept – intergenerational conversations. Silver Warriors and Apprentices alike, have embraced this old fashioned pastime and one student was heard to say, ‘it’s awesome to hear the Silver Warriors’ stories – so interesting because they have been through a lot, and I am learning so much.’

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Intergenerational conversations provide the opportunity for our Silver Warriors to share important stories with Apprentices about the experiences of our older generations, creating a wonderful learning opportunity for all.

See Us in Action

In this video, our Apprentices talk with Vietnam Veteran and President of the Shepparton RSL, Bob Wilkie. They discuss Bob’s return to Australia post war and what it was like at that time for returning servicemen.

The Silver Warriors are equally taken with the contact and a young Warrior of 94 exclaimed, ‘these young people are just marvellous. Marvellous!‘.

How to Get Involved

To find out more about our Intergenerational Conversations Programme, to become a sponsor or to volunteer your services call us on 0403 391 538 or send us an email to We have activities that offer intergenerational programmes for schools and intergenerational programmes for aged care in communities throughout Victoria.