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So Glad I Asked Ya I So Love Pasta

Shepparton McGuire College student Alex Teusner holds the secret ingredient to making authentic Italian pasta thanks to I Wish I’d Asked program. The program aims to reduce loneliness and depression among seniors and youth.

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Karaoke at Tarcoola Village

Belting Out Tunes at Tarcoola There is a pounding beat and some hollering about Obla-Di Obla-Da going on at Shepparton’s Tarcoola Village. There is also some crooning and a lot of shoulder swaying as a little man with a big

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Virtually a Walk in the Park

‘It’s absolutely fantastic, you’re walking through forests and water. You feel like you’re really there. You can go to places you’ve never been before,’ Mrs McAulie said.

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Gardeners Grow Friendships

In a small space between classrooms, punnets of tomato seedlings are lined up and half a dozen school students are pushing fingers into the dirt and chatting about music.

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War Lessons

Wanganui Park Secondary College students have formed a bond with war veterans as part of the I Wish I’d Asked project. Shepparton RSL life member Joe Clarke is pictured sharing a joke with student Chloe Earl.

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Story Van Launch News Coverage

Win News recently covered the launch of the I Wish I'd Asked Story Van in Shepparton, Victoria. The I Wish I'd Asked Story Van is connecting seniors and students, sharing differences between time and technology.

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Tackling Loneliness on Wheels

The I Wish I'd Asked project has just been given wheels, with Prestige Jayco, Keatings Transport, Furphy Foundry, Wanganui Park Secondary College and Shepparton Villages putting their skills together.

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