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Italian Cooking & Conversations

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Italians are well known for their warmth and nowhere was this more evident than at the I Wish I'd Asked Italian Cooking and Conversations sessions. Silver Warriors from the Italian community meet with Apprentices, to have conversations in Italian and to demonstrate how to prepare and cook tasty Italian dishes.

Italian Cooking

Faltering language does not bother the patient Silver Warriors and everyone joins in with the cooking of the Italian specialities. The sessions focus on sharing knowledge about cooking, talking about all things Italian and imparting life experiences.

See Us in Action

Our Apprentices have had the opportunity to team up with some of our Silver Warriors from the Italian community, in a pizza and pasta making activity. There is no better way to foster intergenerational connections than with good food!

Italian Conversations

Each week Apprentices studying Italian from Wanganui Park Secondary College, visited Italian Silver Warriors at Mercy Place Ave Maria, to have a chat and practise their Italian language skills.

See Us in Action

These sessions were enjoyed immensely by all and particularly the Silver Warriors, who looked forward to the visits each week. There were different themes for discussion, focussing on the lives of the Silver Warriors.

The Silver Warriors and the Apprentices would chat away together as they made the pasta, talked about the various dishes, about Italy and about arriving in Shepparton all those years ago.

Italian Cooking and Conversations

How to Get Involved

To find out more about our Italian Cooking and Conversations Programme, to become a sponsor or to volunteer your services call us on 0403 391 538 or send us an email to We have activities that offer intergenerational programmes for schools and intergenerational programmes for aged care in communities throughout Victoria.