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Our Founders

Our Founders Eva and Danny

On a Port Melbourne street in 2018, our founders Eva Gruen and Danny Finley were chatting about the mysteries of growing older and the wisdom this process bestows upon us. The conversation turned to their respective parents and the deeper questions about their lives.

Danny and Eva realised there was a lot they didn’t know about their own personal histories and it occurred to them both, that they wish they’d asked more about the life experiences of their parents.

They decided on the spot that they would create a programme to explore and capture the wonderful stories and experiences of our older generation.

The idea then evolved to bring students (APPRENTICES) and seniors (SILVER WARRIORS) together, to engage in conversations and at the same time, to create a connection to ease loneliness.

I Wish I'd Asked was born.

Danny and Eva chose Shepparton to conduct a pilot program because of its rich historical and cultural diversity.

They were assisted by Rotary, who introduced them to schools, aged care facilities and other community organisations, who have now become friends of I Wish I'd Asked.

Our Founders

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