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Intergenerational Programmes in Victoria

I Wish I'd Asked have developed innovative intergenerational programmes in Victoria to tackle the issue of loneliness in our communities. Our activities are designed to foster intergenerational connectedness, bring back the art of conversation for our young people and allow our older generations to share their wisdom and experience.

Intergenerational Conversations Programme

Intergenerational Conversations

We have found this activity to be one of our favourites because it demonstrates the basic core of the I Wish I'd Asked concept – intergenerational conversations.

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Dancing with Warrior Programme

Dancing with Warriors

Bunions. Sore feet. Stiff joints and even a walking frame, did not put Choreographer, Kyla McGregor, off welcoming the Silver Warriors to her dance class.

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Gardening Programme


Apprentices enjoy the process of preparing the ground, selecting and planting and on occasion, sell the produce at fetes to raise funds for local aged care facilities.

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Karaoke Programme


Music is the universal language – international and intergenerational – and with the Silver Warriors and the Apprentices singing along together, there are no borders.

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Knitting and Craft

Knitting and Craft

A proven way for friends to meet and interact. Our knitting and craft sessions are the best example of how friendships are made. Silver Warriors sharing skills and showing care towards Apprentices.

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Stories for Life Philosophy Programme

Stories for Life – Philosophy

Silver Warriors, Robert McClean and Greg Barnes, host Philosophy sessions and the subjects are many and varied. Participants explore getting to know themselves and each other.

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Internet Cafe Programme

Wanganet Cafe

For the young, phone and computer technology is a part of every day life. So who better to answer the questions of the Silver Warriors, on the many technical challenges of the new Digital Age, than our Apprentices.

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Expression of Interest

To enquire about any of our programmes, simply fill out our Expressions of Interest form and we will contact you to discuss your enquiry with you.

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Join The Conversation!

To find out more about our intergenerational programmes, to become a sponsor or to volunteer your services call us on 0403 391 538 or send us an email to We have activities that offer intergenerational programmes for schools and intergenerational programmes for aged care in communities throughout Victoria.